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 Pages updated 3-31-2019. A few items added

We plan on totally revamping our website in the near future so we are reducing our inventory. The website will be shutting down in the near future and reopen after switching to new server. Several items will no longer be available.


The Industrial Model Shop carries a wide range of products for the steel modeler as well as modelers interested in the coal and coke industries and industrial modeling.   Please check back often, as new products are arriving often.

Custom Resin Kits and Specialty Products

Scott Schaller Models – HO Scale Slab Car resin freight car kits now shipping

Burnside Productions – Custom continuous caster models – Updated March 30, 2019. 

Brandon Wehe Models – Custom resin kits for steel mill modelers – Updated March 31, 2019. NEW Prices which Brandon raised in August 2017.  Magnetic Slag Load for Walthers slag car.

Bob Forsythe Models – Custom resin kits for steel mill modelers –  Updated March 31, 2019. The IMS would like to thanks Bob Forsythe for supplying products to our website.  Bobs final order has arrived and has been added to the on hand inventory. Bob’s items will be discontinued as they sell out. Bob has been having allergic reactions to the resins used in casting and will no longer be producing items. The IMS would like to wish Bob the best of health. Thanks Bob. Our prayers are with you.

CMP Shops Models – Custom resin kits for steel mill modelers- Updated January 1, 2019

Ken Ray Models – cast metal and resin detail parts in HO and N Scale, Updated January 18, 2019

F&N Hobbies formerly Motrak Models – Custom high quality freight car loads – Updated with additional quantities, March 30, 2019



Decals - Decals by Dave Wilson and Brandon Wehe Updated March 31, 2019

DVDs – Videotrains Railfan DVDs by Jason Lowe Photography

Commercial Products

Special Orders – Products from a wide range of manufacturers are now available for special order.

Central Valley Products – Bridges and Girders – Updated January 19, 2019

Tichy Train Group – Rolling Stock and Detail Parts Updated January 19, 2019

State Tool and Die Models Updated January 19, 2019

Coal and Coke Rolling Stock – Bowser HO scale hoppers and gondolas from Coal and Coke railroads

Locomotives - HO and N scale locomotives - January 19, 2019.    

Rolling Stock – HO scale rolling stock – Updated March 31, 2019

Structures – HO scale laser kit and styrene structure kits

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New BLI engines in stock !!!



Great news ! We now have a BLI dealership thanks to all our customers who purchased BLI products from us. All your warranty cards sent to BLI brought the Industrial Model Shop to their attention. They contacted us!!!

Watch for new items from Broadway Limited. Their product runs great, and looks great and we plan on expanding inventory of BLI products. Several of their upcoming new items are ordered and when they arrive we will post them .


On the Locomotive page we have in stock Broadway Limited Steam Pennsylvania RR L1 and M1 . These locomotives are equipped with DCC and Sound.


The PRR H10’s are sold out and the new BLI PRR L1  is selling  quickly.  The PRR L1 is equipped with the same motor as the H10 and like the H10′s run great!

These specials offer great savings!!!        Compare our prices!!!     They are hard to beat!!!