Custom products for the steel mill and industrial modeler



Great news ! We now have a BLI dealership thanks to all our customers who purchased BLI products from us. All your warranty cards sent to BLI brought the Industrial Model Shop to their attention. They contacted us!!!

Watch for new items from Broadway Limited. Their product runs great, and looks great and we plan on expanding inventory of BLI products. Several of their upcoming new items are ordered and when they arrive we will post them .


On the Locomotive page we have in stock Broadway Limited Steam Pennsylvania RR L1 and M1 . These locomotives are equipped with DCC and Sound.


The PRR H10’s are sold out and the new BLI PRR L1  is selling  quickly.  The PRR L1 is equipped with the same motor as the H10 and like the H10′s run great!

These specials offer great savings!!!        Compare our prices!!!     They are hard to beat!!!