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Steel Mill Railroads in Color by Stephen M. Timko

Each volume of this series from Morning Sun books features exquisite vintage photography, expertly restored and reproduced on high gloss coated paper in large formats, complemented by historic memorabilia from the featured road.

Each volume of Steel Mill Railroads in Color is priced at $54.95 plus shipping and handling.  Click here for a printable order form.


Volume 1 – SOLD OUT!

Volume 2 – The steel mills of the US and Canada functioned with their own heavy duty switching operations and those of related businesses.

Volume 3 – The industrial grit of steel mills and the railroads that served them is examined in more detail. Author Steve Timko continues his road-by-road examination of the industry that helped the railroads prosper.

Volume 4 – A continuing look at railroading as it relates to the steelmaking process—-from the iron ore mines, through the iron and steel production, transportation of finished products, and the ultimate recycling processes. Join us with this continuing popular series of Steel Mill Railroads.

Volume 5 – A region by region look at how the railroads operate and support the steelmaking process.  Includes the Iron Range operations, Great Lakes Ports and Fleets and Specialty Equipment.

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