Custom products for the steel mill and industrial modeler

Custom Rolling Stock

Custom rolling stock is available on a limited basis on a first-come, first served basis.  These cars are one of a kind creations and will not be re-run.  Please check back regularly, as availability can change at any time.

Aaron Dupont Models

Custom built styrene cars in HO scale with Industrial Model Shop, Billet Car Bulkhead attached.

Billet Cars, $30.00 each, 4 for $110.00 plus shipping

duponts1137Billet Car #S1137
Quantity available: 0 – sold
$30.00 plus s&h
duponts14Billet Car #S14
Quantity available: 0
$30.00 plus s&h
dupontb417Billet Car #C1079, Grey paint
Quantity available: 0- sold
$30.00 plus s&h
dupont109Billet Car #109 w/Load
Quantity available: 0
$30.00 plus s&h

There are only 4 cars left of the original 13. Get them while they last

Custom built styrene cars with IMS Billet Car Bulkhead attached,

Billet cars painted black;

1 car numbers available in stock: S1137,

Billet cars painted gray;

3 car numbers available in stock: C1079, S14, #109

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