Custom products for the steel mill and industrial modeler

The Industrial Model Shop Coal and Coke department features rolling stock, mine cars, models and reference materials to enhance your coal and coke operations with an emphasis on smaller railroads and specialty equipment.  Please click on a link for more information.

Coal and Coke Railroading

 27240-minecars-emptyB.T.S. HOn30 Mine Car Three Pack
HOn30 scale laser-cut mine car kits.  Three per set.
Quantity available: 8
$22.50 + s&h
A-2821Alexander Scale Models
Narrow gauge mine cars and motors.
porter 168-5020Minitrains HOn30
HO scale mine cars and locomotives that run
on N scale track

Coal and Coke Resin Kits. Coke Oven Fronts and Yard Walls.

The Coke Oven fronts and Yard Walls are designed for modeling beehive Coke works. The Oven fronts and yard walls are all interlocking and can be connected to form any length or combination desired. Both the Oven fronts and Yard walls are cast in three shapes; straight, curved inward and curved outward.

The Yard walls can also be used for any area where a retaining wall is needed. Use them along railroad tracks, along roadways or use them as building foundations. Use them any way you desire.

Download our guide to coke ovens here.

Coke Oven – Curved
Three ovens per section, can be joined with curved
or straight sections for larger banks
Curved inward ovens – Quantity available 27
Curved outward ovens – Quantity available 25
$10.00 + s&h
special 3 for $20.00 +s&h

Coke Oven – Straight
Modeled after the Shoaf, Pennsylvania, Coke Works. 1906-1972
Can be joined with straight or curved sections for larger banks
Quantity available: 21
$10.00 + s&h
special 3 for $20.00 + s&h
Coke Oven Yard wall, straight
Quantity available: 23
$10.00 each + s&h
Special 3 for $20.00 +s&h
Coke Oven yard wall, curved outward
Quantity available: 25
$10.00 each + s&h
Special 3 for $20.00 + s&h
Coke Oven yard wall, curved inward
Quantity available: 27
$10.00 each + s&h
Special 3 for $20.00 + s&h

CMP Shops Bank of Three Coke Ovens
Quantity available: 2
$8.00 plus s&h

CMP Shops Bank of Six Coke Ovens
Quantity available: 2
$15.00 plus s&h

Reference Material

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