Custom products for the steel mill and industrial modeler

The IMS would like to thank Bob Forsythe for suppling products to our website. Bobs final order has arrived and has been added to the on hand inventory on 1/14/2017. Bob’s items will be removed from the website as they sell out. Bob has been having allergic reactions to the resins used in casting and will no longer be producing items. The IMS would like to wish Bob the best of health. Thanks Bob. Our prayers are with you.

All Bob Forsythe models are unassembled resin kits in HO Scale
(Click on any image for a larger picture)


 BF-001  1- 7/8″ Ladle Cover  wehestraightcover  0 $6.00
 BF-002  2″ Ladle Cover  wehetaperedcover  6 $6.00
 BF-003  Slag Pot Load for flat car  forsytheladleload  0 $20.00
 BF-004  Yoke Load for flat car  forsythecarrierload  4 $20.00
 BF-005  Inland Steel #2 Teaming Ladle  islandteeming  1 $18.00
 BF-005A  Inland Steel Teaming Ladle w/load  2 $20.00
 BF-006  Inland Steel #2 Charging Ladle  islandcharging  0 $18.00
 BF-006A  Inland Steel Charging Ladle w/ load  2 $20.00
BF-007  Transfer Car for Forsythe Slag Pot  transferforsythe  0 $25.00
 BF-008  Transfer Car for  Ladle  transferwehe  0 $25.00
 BF-009 250 Ton  Yoke w/ “J” Hooks  250tonyolk  0 $28.00
 BF-010  350 Ton Yoke w/ “J” Hooks  0 $28.00
 BF-011  Single Slag Pot  forsytheoneslagpot  0 $15.00
 BF-012  2 Slag Pots w/ 1 slag load  forsythepot  0 $28.00
 BF-013  3 Skull loads for Slag Pots  0 $5.00
 BF-014  BOF Vessel  BOF  0 $50.00
 BF-015  BOF, bearings & stanchions  stand and motors for BOF Vessel  0 $20.00
 BF-016  Slag Pot Carrier, assembled  0 $150.00
 BF-017  Slag Pot Carrier, kit  0 $75.00

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